Pre School Chennai – Staying focused

Every experience is a learning opportunity for young kids. They learn from what they see, hear, smell, taste and interact. Everywhere they go they expand their sense to learn new skills. Quality early education comes with a range of benefits. Expert reports reveal that the child learns the best when they interact with their peers. The treatment from parents and teachers do not put them at pressure as in the case of being peers. Specialists suggest that children learn through instructional activities throughout the day. Programs in Pre school chennai are advantageous for the child

Socializing skills: The interaction of a child is at its best when it they interact with other children. They acquire vital skills by listening to others and expressing their ideas to friends and teachers. It is at the Preschool environment they make friends, cooperate, share and become responsible citizens.
Performance: The children receiving early education do not need special education at elementary school and later. The preschool program provides a strong foundation for the growth of the child’s emotional, social, mental and physical development. This prepares them for the future.
Focused attention: The children are curious and are keen to discover new things. The Preschool programs maximizes the opportunities to innovate. In the new environment, children make new friends and enjoy new experiences. They maintain a balance to listen, follow directions, work independently and participate in group activities.
Lifelong learners: The children at preschool are more confident and curious. They turn into lifelong learners. Their curiosity for learning new things makes them fast learners. They showcase long term interest in learning and show keenness in different activities like dancing, singing, painting, cooking, music, etc.

Early childhood education through Preschool programs increases the chances of graduating from high school without any behavioural issues. They become responsible citizens in the future.


Difference Between Montessori Play School And Preschool

Parents considering enrolling their child at Preschool need to consider the advantages of sending their kids to Montessori school instead. Montessori Play School is growing in popularity when it comes to early education for your children. These daycare schools offer a structured environment for children before they enter normal schooling. Montessori is a distinct alternative when compared to its learning style, philosophy and methods.

Montessori education is self direction. Montessori education offers first-hand experience and encourages play and learn concept. It offers collaborative activities where the kids interact with one another in the class. Mixed age classroom allows children to work together as they master life skills.

Montessori educators are from Italy and believe that learning should happen naturally through real life experiences. Montessori children are highly motivated to learn and teach in a well designed environment. In preschool children grasp the concepts better in comparison with the peers in traditional classroom. The children learn individually and work at their own pace. They move freely around the room by choosing wide range of activities. The primary goal of Montessori education helps children learn concentration, self discipline, motivation and love of learning.

Learning styles in Montessori aims at creating clam and child centered environment with special emphasis on personal responsibility. Children are encouraged to take care of their personal needs and belongings like preparing their own snacks and cleaning themselves. The school aims at fostering a healthy self esteem and a sense of independence allowing children to make their own choices and teaching them basic skills like pouring glass of milk, wearing the shoes in the right feet, etc.

The children learn to makes a connection once they are ready. The teachers at Montessori school serve as guides to discover rather than providing direct instruction. The teachers explain the connection between instructional materials and children self teach skills.

Exploring The Benefits Of Pre School Chennai

The reasons for choosing a pre school are dime a dozen. In today’s modern world both the parents work to support the family and the childcare options have broadened. Despite having a nanny at time, parents feel that the child should not miss out on preschool programme. Most parents look for daycare centers to keep their child safe during their absence. For this reason pre schools are burgeoning in metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other regions.

Factors to consider while choosing a preschool
• Need for preschool: Education experts agree that pre school Chennai can provide immense benefits to children. Preschool is the guide to showing the right social path and cognitive development to the child. The National Institute of Early Education Research suggests students benefit immensely from Preschool programmes. Kindergarten students have improved cognitive skills informs a research.
• Preschool is not just about numbers and letter: Preschool is crucial to secure the future of the child. Experts believe that it is important for children to enroll in preschool to develop early learning skills. It is here a child learns how to listen, question, wait patiently and participate in group activities. It is here children learn how socialize and share their emotions and anger. Here all the children work towards a common goal. They understand how to solve their own problems. The school helps to develop motor skills. The school provides a fun opportunity for children to climb, run, play and engage in active games.
• Children cannot prepare for primary school without preschool: Parents make an impact on the intellectual and emotional development of the children. Those growing with nanny do not have the same opportunity as in the preschool. The school setting offers a gentle and gradual introduction to regular schooling. It gives your child a smooth transition into the normal school.

Montessori School Chennai – Approach And Advantages

A discussion on education is not complete without the Montessori approach. She is considered the greatest minds that lived in the 20th century. She was responsible for revolutionizing education and her ideology had an impact in pedagogy across the globe. Montessori has been the key factor to change the history of humanity in a better direction. Mindfulness is a psychological process that brings the attention of an individual to experiences happening in the present moment. It can be developed through meditation practice and other training methodologies.

Montessori education believes in evidence based education. Here is how Montessori School Chennai works? Montessori education benefits students as it comes with a wide range of learning styles, There are three major Montessori classroom practices:
• Uninterrupted work periods: Studies reveal that uninterrupted work periods can improve the focus and discipline of the students. It also improves social functions like regulation and self control. Deep concentration is the core of Montessori pedagogy. Similar to how meditation enable a person to be aware, self regulated and calm even when not meditation so does deep concentration on any purposeful work develops calm and self regulation individuals says Dr. Montessori.
• Concrete learning: It is embodied cognition learning through the bodies and minds. The cognitive skills are enacted by using the hands and working with objects. They learn faster and in an efficient manner. Children become focused and highly engaged. Research has proved that movement and cognition are interconnected. Individuals represent objects and space accurately and they remember information in a better way and also showcase social cognition. Traditional classrooms do not capitalize on relationship between movement and cognition.
• Student to student teaching: This type of teaching gives big dividends. This approach is useful for students playing the role of learner. Children learn from peers through structured tutoring and are highly beneficial.

Best CBSE School In Chennai Offering Support In Competitive Exams

Parents are in a dilemma while choosing a board for their children. Choosing the right board provides a great significance in early development of the child providing the right education system. The Central Board of Secondary Education is the national board for school level education. The education board conducts All India Senior School Certificate Examination annually for students in the twelfth grade and the examination serves as a primary factor to pursue higher education.

CBSE is a popular board in India and the curriculum comes with additional subject matter. The board conducts two examinations All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination. Best CBSE School in Chennai are offered by private schools. The syllabus is suitable for those who travel across the country due to work. The CBSE syllabus is structured and predictable. The syllabus is controlled.

CBSE is recognized by NCERT and it operates as a chain of central schools named Kendriya Vidyalaya. Apart from this CBSE is affiliated to private schools across the length and breadth of the country. The board permits regular and private candidates to take exams.

The CBSE syllabus is easy when compared to other boards due to fewer subjects and compact structure. Secondary subjects like environmental education are optional under CBSE syllabus. The primary subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology under Science and History, Geography and Civics under Social Sciences. The certification from CBSE board is recognized throughout India in academic centers and colleges. The board follows concentric curriculum.

The medium of instruction is English and Hindi. The board prescribes certain teaching approaches and has undergone changes over the past decade. The focus is on learning through experimentation and experience instead of one way teaching. The teaching methodologies give priority to competitive exams. The schools also conduct JEE coaching center. These schools prepare the students for competitive exams and have become a popular option among students.

Implementing Technology In Top International School Chennai

There is urgency in international schools Chennai to incorporate technology in everyday curriculum. There is a paradigm shift in the industry making it tough for students to compete. It is the role of educator to envision the challenges and prepare them to handle it. The answer here is to empower the students to learn smarter. Integrating technology in the classroom is the only way to move towards smart learning. The technology is instrumental in changing the workforce. Today students are gaining expertise in technology.

In international schools, digital citizenship has become an integral part of curriculum and it gives them a safe opportunity to make use of technology. For instance Canadian International Schools have internet networks outside and at home. They also have adequate firewalls to protect data theft. Digital citizenship provides students with adequate knowledge and tools to take right decisions. Today students actively participate in social media and it helps to create positive digital footprints. It is important to add technology to educational curriculum.

Integrating technology helps to improve the learning process. The technology used in classroom can enhances the performance of the student. International schools are moving from teaching to learning. Technology plays a pivotal role in connecting students, parents and the school management. It is not just knowledge consumption but creation of knowledge. Teacher-centered classroom requires behavior modification from teaching to learning. The role of technological integration requires a planning guide. Training, workshops, content creation are all crucial for technology integrationist.

The culture at international schools is to transforming technology skills to understanding the learning styles. Personalized learning is sure to improve the learning outcomes. The digital transformation from teaching to learning has changed the way of schooling. International schools are embracing hi-tech educational tools to explain to their students the benefits of technology in day to day life.

Boarding School Application – Online And Offline Formats Explained


Way back in the 80s students applying for boarding schools are driven by paper process. The schools send prospectus and brochure with application forms to be completed and submitted at the school office before a stipulated deadline. It is 35 years, today students apply online. The applications are gone digital and this is no exception to boarding school as well. This has made things easier and here are the four ways by which you can apply to a boarding school:

  • Applying on the school website: If you want to apply to one or two schools, just go to the corresponding websites, fill in the application form and submit online. Today most schools have their website in place where you can complete them online. Sometimes you may have to download the boarding school application and fill it up and submit it to the school manually. It can either be in person or through postal.
  • While submitting online you can pay the application fee online through debit/card card or online banking. The application forms are different for each school. You cannot use application forms of one school to apply for another.
  • Standard application online: There are some educational portals that offer standard application format that is eligible for most schools. The application process is simplified with one standard application format. These application forms can be downloaded at no extra cost and used to apply along with application fee in person to the school office.
  • Boarding school admission application form is available on standard online portals but sometimes the school may want you to complete additional forms as per their prerequisites. Moreover, the application form fees varies from place to place.
  • Paper application: However schools may ask you to come in person to submit paper forms. They will provide you with the admission packet where you can find the prospectus and admission forms. The form has to be filled neatly as prescribed and submitted on time.

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